Enneagram 9 Wing 8: “The Mediator”

Who is “The Mediator”?

“The Mediator” is that type of person who makes everyone feel welcomed and valued, creating an atmosphere where everyone wants to be. Yet, they possess that inner strength that makes them resilient and capable of facing challenges without losing their calm essence. They are like a protective bear: kind and caring, but also strong and brave when necessary.

They are a master of balance: blending peace and serenity with decisiveness and courage, making the world a slightly better place every day.

Basic Fear: Being Left Behind Enneagram 9 Wing 8

Imagine having the sensation that, somehow, you are missing out on the movie of your own life, as if everyone else is moving forward and you’re frozen in time. That churns “The Mediator’s” stomach.

It’s not just fear of missing out; it’s a deep fear of not being truly connected to their surroundings, of feeling out of place. For them, the idea of not having control, of being swept away by a whirlwind of events without being able to do anything, is like a nightmare. They don their superhero cape not for show, but as a shield against that feeling of vulnerability.

Basic Desire: To Be the Captain of Their Ship Enneagram 9 Wing 8

Have you ever dreamed of being that fearless captain who navigates confidently, no matter how strong the wind blows? That’s what “The Mediator” yearns for with all their being. They don’t just want to feel secure; they want to be the architects of their destiny, to build an oasis of tranquility amid chaos.

Their mission is clear: to find that perfect balance where they can enjoy every moment, knowing they have the helm firmly in their hands. It’s not about ignoring the storms, but about learning to dance in the rain, always with one foot on the ground and the other ready to take the next step.

Strengths: The Heart of the Team Enneagram 9 Wing 8

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who effortlessly becomes the soul of the party or the pillar of the team, not by being the loudest, but by that unique spark that brings everyone together. That’s “The Mediator.” Their superpower is that innate empathy that allows them to connect with people on a deep level, almost as if they could read the room and adjust their energy so that everyone feels included and valued.

They are those friends who lift your spirits without needing words, the ones who know when to offer a hug or just be there. At work, they are the moral compass, always seeking the common good without losing sight of the goal.

Their calming presence and optimism are contagious, inspiring others to give their best. Loyalty and honesty are their banners, and their ability to see the big picture allows them to guide their team towards significant victories, not just in terms of achievements but in building solid and lasting relationships.

Weaknesses: The Control Dilemma

Now, imagine having this tendency to want everything to run smoothly, to the point that it’s hard for you to let go of the wheel and let others take the lead. “The Mediator” often finds themselves in this dilemma. Their desire to maintain harmony can lead them to want to control everything, and when things don’t go as planned, they can shut down or, paradoxically, become a bit dominant.

This internal tension between wanting to flow with life and at the same time direct the course of events can make them feel stuck, like a ship that wants to set sail but has the anchor down. Learning to trust more in others and in the process can be their biggest challenge, just like finding the courage to express their needs and desires without fear of disturbing the peace.

How the Enneagram 9 Wing 8 They Work

“The Mediator” at work is like that conductor who, with a gesture, can lead everyone to perfect harmony. They prefer environments where communication flows openly, where collaboration is valued, and where they can contribute to creating a positive work climate. They love meetings that encourage collective brainstorming, and their ability to synthesize diverse ideas and find pragmatic solutions is enviable.

However, remember that they need their space to recharge and meditate on the next step. Providing them with projects that align with their vision of a better world, where they can feel they are making a real difference, will not only keep them motivated but also turn them into the inspirational leaders they are naturally meant to be.

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