Enneagram 3 Wing 2: The Heart of the “Enchanter”

Enneagram 3 wing 2, also known as “The Charmer,” is a unique and magnetic personality within the Enneagram system. By combining the qualities of Type 3 (The Achiever) with influences of Type 2 (The Helper), these people stand out for their ability to achieve goals and their human warmth. Let’s break down this personality to understand it better.

Among these nine types, Enneagram 3 wing 2, or the “Charmer,” is a special combination of two personality types. Imagine someone who always wants to be the best at what they do (that would be type 3) but also cares a lot about others and wants to help (that would be type 2). Together, they make the “Charmer” a very attractive person and loved by others.

What Makes the “Charmer” Special

Good things:

  • They Go for Everything: If they set their mind to something, they will do everything possible to achieve it.
  • Friendly: They know how to make people feel good and loved.
  • They listen to their Heart: Although they want to be the best, they also listen to what they feel and care about others.

Things to Improve:

  • Fear of Failure: They don’t like the idea of not being loved or valued for what they do.
  • Sometimes They Forget to Feel: With so much focus on achieving their goals, they can lose sight of what they really feel.

The Core of the Enneagram 3 Wing 2

The Pursuit of Success

Type 3s are motivated by the desire to be successful and recognized for their achievements. This pursuit of success is not only external, but it is also a way of validating your self-worth. For 3 wing 2, this desire is nuanced with the need to be loved and appreciated, inherited from Type 2. This makes them particular in their approach to success: they not only seek to achieve their goals, but they also want these achievements to benefit and be recognized by others.

Personal Charm

The “magic” of 3 wing 2 lies in its charisma. They are exceptionally good at communicating and connecting with people. This ability comes from their deep understanding of human emotions, a Type 2 quality, which allows them to create meaningful relationships. They use this talent not only to advance their goals but also to help and motivate others.

Balance Between Achievement and Connection

What really makes Enneagram 3 wing 2 special is how they balance their ambition with their genuine concern for others. While many may view personal achievement as an end in itself, for the Charmer, success is sweeter when shared and celebrated with others.

Challenges for Enneagram 3 Wing 2

Fear of Failure and Rejection

One of the biggest challenges for the 3 wing 2 is their fear of failure and rejection. The thought of not meeting expectations, whether your own or those of others, can be paralyzing. This fear often drives them to try even harder, but it can also lead them to hide their true feelings or adopt an image they think others want to see.


At its worst, the 3 wing 2 can struggle with authenticity. The combination of wanting to be successful and loved can cause them to lose sight of who they really are. The key to your personal growth is learning to value yourself for your true self, not just your achievements or how others perceive you.

Time and Energy Management

Given their desire to achieve and connect, 3-wing 2s may find themselves overextended, trying to do too much for too many people. Learning to manage your time and energy, and to say “no” when necessary, is vital to your well-being.

Personal Growth for Enneagram 3 Wing 2

The path to growth for the “Charmer” involves several steps:

  • Recognize and accept your emotions: This means facing your fears and vulnerabilities instead of hiding them.
  • Seek authenticity: They must learn to appreciate their intrinsic value, beyond their achievements or the approval of others.
  • Set healthy boundaries: This will allow them to better balance their time and energy, ensuring they also take care of themselves.

Enneagram 3 wing 2 has unlimited potential for inspirational leadership and building deep, meaningful relationships. By facing their challenges and working on their personal growth, they can achieve not only external success but also deep satisfaction and connection with others.

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