Enneagram 8 Subtypes: The Warriors of the Enneagram

The Enneagram Type 8, known for its intensity, passion, and desire for control, is manifested in three distinct subtypes that reveal how these powerful individuals confront the world, manage their relationships, and seek satisfaction in life. These subtypes—Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social—offer a lens through which we can better understand the complexity of Eights in their quest for autonomy, power, and justice

Now, to know 8 better, we have to know more about its subtypes:

Strength in Vulnerability

The Enneagram 8 subtypes show us different facets of a complex and powerful personality, each with its own way of confronting the world and relating to it. Whether through material control, intensity in relationships, or social leadership, Eights seek to assert their place in the world with force and determination. However, the true growth for Eights lies in recognizing that authentic strength emerges not from domination but from the capacity to be vulnerable

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